HVAC and Building Automation With Motors and Gear Motors From VEER Motor

What is an HVAC Control System?

Gear Motor Used for HVAC and Building Automation

Gear Motor Used for HVAC and Building Automation

The term “HVAC control system” (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) might make you think of the climate control systems used to regulate heating, ventilation and air conditioning in commercial and industrial buildings. These complex systems typically consist of software-managed controllers and sensors that continuously monitor interior conditions and run individual HVAC components, which provides energy-efficient comfort for a building’s occupants.

We live in an automatic world and consumers seek out processes that make life simpler. Projector screen lift manufacturers, automatic shade companies, producers of louvers and HVAC control manufacturers all understand the importance of finding a supplier who will provide motor and gear motor solutions that meet exact specifications.

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