How to adjust gear motor rotate speed? We are gear motor supplier.

How to calculate gear ratio of gear reduction motor?

The “reduction” or gear ratio is calculated by dividing the number of teeth on the large gear by the number of teeth on the small gear. For example, if an electric motor drives a 13-tooth pinion gear that meshes with a 65-tooth gear, a reduction of 5:1 is achieved (65 / 13 = 5). If the electric motor speed is 1,500 rpm, the gearbox reduces this speed by five times to 300 rpm. If the motor torque is 10 lb-in, the gearbox increases this torque by a factor of five to 50 lb-in (before subtracting out gearbox efficiency losses).

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How to adjust gear motor rotate speed? We are gear motor supplier.

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Vending Industry With Motors and Gear Motors From VEER Motor

Discover Fast and Reliable Vending Using Motors and Gear Motors From VEER Motor

Vending machines provide dispensable products through easy access. The motors and gear motors in your vending machines must be reliable, operate in various weather conditions and meet the demands of heavy use.
We offer high-quality motors and gear motors for all of your vending applications through motor sourcing and manufacturing. If you are manufacturing an existing vending application or you are looking for custom-made motors or gear motors for a new OEM application, VEER Motor helps you find the right solution for your unique requirements.


Speed Meets Reliability in Vending Applications

The vending industry includes many unique applications that require reliable and fast electric motors and gear motors. Some of these applications include:

  • Food & drink vending: These machines are used in various settings including businesses, public parks, educational institutions and healthcare organizations. Due to heavy use, the motors and gear motors must withstand wear.
  • Postal stamp & ticket machines: Used in post offices as well as train stations, stamp and ticketing machines require intricate motors made to handle paper and plastic materials.
  • Merchandise vending machines: Often used in common areas and restrooms, merchandise vending machines vary in size and require motors and gear motors of various sizes built to fit.
  • Reverse vending machines: Reverse vending machines are used for container recycling and are common in areas with mandatory recycling laws. They require motors and gear motors that are manufactured specifically for this application.
  • Prescription medicine machines: Used to dispense prescription medication, these machines must use gear motors that are reliable and resistant to wear.


Electric Motor Applications Within The Vending Industry Include from VEER Motor:

Gear Motor Used for Food and Drink Vending Gear Motor Used for Postal Stamp and Ticket Machines Gear Motor Used for Merchandise Vending Machines
Food & Drink Vending Postal Stamp & Ticket Machines Merchandise Vending Machines
Gear Motor Used for Prescription Medicine Machines Gear Motor Used for Reverse Vending Machines
Prescription Medicine Machines Reverse Vending Machines

Security Equipment Applications With Motors and Gear Motors From VEER Motor

Secure, Safe, Dependable Motors and Gear Motors

Security applications and solutions need motors and gear motors that are dependable. There is no room for error or failure within your security system. They must operate in any environment, under any circumstance to keep businesses safe and secure.

Gear Motor Used for Security Equipment

Gear Motor Used for Security Equipment

VEER Motor’s team of experts works with you to facilitate the design, development, and manufacturing of motors and gear motors created specifically for these applications. Our portfolio of manufacturers offers only the highest quality material for your OEM motor and gear motor needs.

Ensure Your Safety and the Safety of Others With Security Applications

A security system includes various pieces of equipment that require a motor or gear motor. Some of these applications might include:

  • Electric door locks: Often found in banks, hospitals or other secure locations, these door locks feature a keypad. The gear motor inside locks and unlocks the door with the correct pin.
  • Electric turnstiles: A turnstile is often found in subway entrances, theme parks or other locations that see large crowds. They lock after hours, adding an extra layer of security.
  • Remote controlled cameras: These cameras often turn or adjust based on movement. The gear motor inside facilitates that movement.
  • Security lights and scanning systems: Lights that are motivated by movement are often used outside of commercial buildings and homes.
    Electric arm gates: These gates use a gear motor to move the electric arm up and down and are often found in parking garages.

No matter the equipment, the motor inside must work efficiently day in and day out. With VEER Motor, you can rest assured that your security equipment will work.

Features of VEER Motor’s Custom Motors & Gear Motors for Security Applications

Quiet Operation Ability to Operate in Varying Environmental Conditions Extended Operating Lifespan
Reliable Durable Assemblies Highly Efficient

Robotics With Motors and Gear Motors From VEER Motor

Custom electric motors and gear motors that power robotic applications

No matter what they’re used for, robots need to be precise while operating reliably and efficiently. The motors that power the various robotic components are the heart of these machines and must operate with high precision and accuracy.


Choose exceptional custom motor and gear motor solutions for the components that power robotics.

Work with VEER Motor to facilitate the design, development, and manufacturing of motors and gear motors specifically for robotics applications. We understand that they must operate with a high level of precision without busting your budget. Work with us to build a cost-effective motor for your robotics application that you can rely on for years to come.


We’ll work with you to produce the most accurate and reliable OEM motors and gear motors for your specific robotics application.

Examples of Electric Motor Applications in Robotics Include:

Gear Motor Used for Servo Mechanisms Gear Motor Used for Power Drives Gear Motor Used for Remote Control Devices
Servo Mechanisms Power Drives Remote Control Devices

VEER Motor’s Robotics Capabilities Meet Requirements for Motors & Gear Motors That Call For:

Servos Remote Controls Stepper Motors Robotic Kits

Pumps With Motors and Gear Motors From VEER Motor

Custom Motors Built to Precisely Power Your Pump Applications

Motor performance is a key factor in pump applications. Your machines must provide reliable and durable power for pumps dispensing cola, water and syrups, chemicals, soap and water, and sprayers.

Gear Motor Used for Pumps

Gear Motor Used for Pumps

When you can’t compromise on quality, durability and reliability, look to VEER Motor. We provide cost-effective, precise motor solutions based on your pump specifications.


Building High-Quality Custom Pump Motors for all Applications

We’ve been building OEM motors and gear motors for pump projects for over 30 years. No matter your application, know we have the experience and for a variety of applications such as:

  • Industrial food service dispensing for soda, juice and other beverages
  • Chemical dispensing
  • Soap and water dispensing
  • Commercial and industrial spraying equipment


Why Choose VEER Motor to Design Your OEM Pump Motor?

Because we value our customers for the long term. We build the highest-quality motors in the OEM market today which keeps our customers coming back to us for years. Our engineers design for durability, longevity and reliability.
We want to work with you on your next custom motor project and know that our quality and service will exceed your expectations. Since 1986, we’ve been helping our customers design and source customized OEM solutions making us a global industry leader.


Features of Our OEM motors for pump applications are:

Waterproof Built with Stainless Steel Materials Long-Lasting
Durable to Meet Application Requirements IP Rated Based on Application Specifications Diameter range can be customized

Medical Micro Motors With Motors and Gear Motors From VEER Motor

VEER Motor’s Micro Motors for Medical Tool Applications

Our broad range of micro motor solutions – spanning brushed and brushless DC motors, stepper motors, gearheads, and other micro systems—provide the reliable, efficient support today’s medical professionals deserve.

Dental Motors With Motors and Gear Motors From VEER Motor

Dental professionals require tools that are powerful, efficient, and easy to maneuver in order to successfully treat their patients. At VEER Motor, we understand the dental industry’s needs and provide motor solutions that fit the unique demands of dental surgeons and other dental pros.
VEER Motor’s DC and brushless DC motors are excellent for dental equipment applications such as dental restoration tools, surgical tools, and dental lab equipment.


VEER Motor’s dental motors are ideal for use in a wide variety of dental tools:

  • Root canal obturators
  • Prosthodontics screwdrivers
  • Other surgical instruments

Motorized Off-Road With Motors and Gear Motors From VEER Motor

Experience True Power for Your Off-Road Vehicles

Off-road vehicles are subject to severe physical and environmental elements during the year. Your design needs durability and robust materials to ensure protection from water damage, dirt, heat and blunt force during operations.
VEER Motor offers only the best motors and gear motors through sourcing services to fit your unique requirements. Increasing your production or developing something new requires the highest quality materials. We help you choose the perfect solution to fit your needs.


Gear Motor Used for Motorized-Off-Road

Gear Motor Used for Motorized-Off-Road

Durability and Quality for All Off-Road Vehicle Applications

The application you are producing will determine the type of electric motor you will need. Many off-road applications will use a gear motor including:

Shifters: Found within various types of off-road vehicles from heavy equipment to ATVs, shifters must work seamlessly for safety and efficiency.
Winches: Winches are attached to many heavy equipment vehicles and ATVs for pulling and transporting heavy objects. These tools require heavy duty gears to reduce fraying and cable wear.
Starters: It is difficult to think of a vehicle that doesn’t have a start. The motors within the starter must run efficiently in order for the vehicle to run at all.
Seating systems: Equipment and vehicles that have adjustable seats use motors to activate the movement simply.
Wipers: Wipers are moved by using motors. Often found of vehicles of different types, wipers are important for safety and vision.


VEER Motor’s motors and gear motors are specifically designed to stand up to the demanding punishment of off-road applications by:

Resisting Abrasive and Corrosive Elements Withstanding Aggressive Shocks Providing High and Consistent Torque Operating in a Wide Range of Temperatures

Medical With Motors and Gear Motors From VEER Motor

Experience Reliability for Medical Devices With Motors and Gear Motors From VEER Motor

Gear Motor Used for Medical Industry

Gear Motor Used for Medical Industry

Equipment that powers the medical industry must be reliable and efficient while working quietly behind the scenes. The motors and gear motors that power this equipment should be built to last using only the highest quality materials that meet industry standards.

At VEER Motor, we offer custom small motor and gear motor solutions for medical applications across the industry. Whether you require a custom-built motor to manufacture a new medical device or require multiple gear motors for production, we offer a solution using our team of engineers and sourcing experts.

Material Handling With Motors and Gear Motors From VEER Motor

Cost-effective OEM motors and gear motors for use in material handling equipment

Material handling equipment is found in almost every warehouse, inventory management location, and production facility. Each piece of handling equipment requires a cost-effective motor or gear motor to run for extended periods of time.

VEER Motor provides motors and gear motors requiring durability, long life and quiet operation.

Examples of Material Handling Applications Include:

Gear Motor Used for Packaging Equipment Gear Motor Used for Conveyors Gear Motor Used for Dispensers Gear Motor Used for Sorters
Packaging Equipment Conveyors Dispensers Sorters

Features of VEER Motor’s OEM Gear Motors for Material Handling Equipment Applications

Space Configuration Friendly Cost-Effective Operating Quietly and Efficiently Speed, Efficiency & Torque
Ability to withstand extreme environmental factors IP Rated per application requirements Ruggedized