Material Handling With Motors and Gear Motors From VEER Motor

Cost-effective OEM motors and gear motors for use in material handling equipment

Material handling equipment is found in almost every warehouse, inventory management location, and production facility. Each piece of handling equipment requires a cost-effective motor or gear motor to run for extended periods of time.

VEER Motor provides motors and gear motors requiring durability, long life and quiet operation.

Examples of Material Handling Applications Include:

Gear Motor Used for Packaging Equipment Gear Motor Used for Conveyors Gear Motor Used for Dispensers Gear Motor Used for Sorters
Packaging Equipment Conveyors Dispensers Sorters

Features of VEER Motor’s OEM Gear Motors for Material Handling Equipment Applications

Space Configuration Friendly Cost-Effective Operating Quietly and Efficiently Speed, Efficiency & Torque
Ability to withstand extreme environmental factors IP Rated per application requirements Ruggedized