Veer Motor specializes in manufacturing, sales, and services of geared reducer motor, which wide product range includes helical geared motors, shaft-mounted geared motors, bevel-geared motors, worm geared motors, brushless motors, servo motors, brushless motor drives and servo drives.

How to detect and prevent vibration caused by gear reduction motor?

If you encounter the vibration from gear reduction motor? Please continue to read as VEER Motor.

  •  Whether Speed Reducer (Gearbox) Matches Electric Motor?
    The gear reduction motor has both speed index and torque index, the rotate speed and torque are different even the powers of gear reduction motor are same, so as long as the gear motor is adopted by hard connection, there should be considered two indexes (rotate speed and torque). If the torque doesn’t meet the need torque from gear motor that the motor will vibrate or not rotate. Of course, in many times, in cases of rotate speed from high to low, the speed reducer (gearbox) can still running, but there is a defect, if gear motor is running for a long time, which will overload.


  • Whether Gear Reduction Motor is overloaded or not?
    In general situation, the gear reduction motor is used with other devices during running, the overloads are the needed, and each transmission equipment has their limit load index. So, the limit load index of gear motor should consider all members in whole, and environmental factor, etc. So, load determination is also an important factor to analyze vibration faults.

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Robotics With Motors and Gear Motors From VEER Motor

Custom electric motors and gear motors that power robotic applications

No matter what they’re used for, robots need to be precise while operating reliably and efficiently. The motors that power the various robotic components are the heart of these machines and must operate with high precision and accuracy.


Choose exceptional custom motor and gear motor solutions for the components that power robotics.

Work with VEER Motor to facilitate the design, development, and manufacturing of motors and gear motors specifically for robotics applications. We understand that they must operate with a high level of precision without busting your budget. Work with us to build a cost-effective motor for your robotics application that you can rely on for years to come.


We’ll work with you to produce the most accurate and reliable OEM motors and gear motors for your specific robotics application.

Examples of Electric Motor Applications in Robotics Include:

Gear Motor Used for Servo Mechanisms Gear Motor Used for Power Drives Gear Motor Used for Remote Control Devices
Servo Mechanisms Power Drives Remote Control Devices

VEER Motor’s Robotics Capabilities Meet Requirements for Motors & Gear Motors That Call For:

Servos Remote Controls Stepper Motors Robotic Kits

Overhead Door Operators With Motors and Gear Motors From VEER Motor

Also commonly referred to as garage door openers, we focus on commercial-grade operators for motor and gear motor applications. Motors and gear motors for these heavy doors must operate with precise torque and efficiency, be extremely reliable and durable and able to withstand environmental demands.

Gear Motor Used for Overhead Door Operator

Gear Motor Used for Overhead Door Operator