Slide Door Operators With Motors and Gear Motors From VEER Motor

Electric sliding doors found in public buildings are designed to add customer convenience. Electric sliding doors on elevators are a requirement. Both types of electric sliding doors must operate quietly and efficiently, relying on the power behind its electric gear motor inside. Typical electric sliding doors are interior doors.

Gear Motor Used for Slide Door Operators

Gear Motor Used for Slide Door Operators

VEER’s Electric Gear Motors to Power Automatic Door Operator Applications.

Automatic doors add customer convenience and improved traffic flow to both commercial and industrial applications. Retail establishments, businesses, and public buildings rely on motors and gear motors to power these automatic doors quietly and reliably.

Features of Gear Motors for Automatic Door Operating Applications

Ability to develop motors and gear motors to withstand environmental demands of your application requirements. Gearing – Inline, Right Angle, Planetary, Spur Gear, Helical, Spiral Bevel, Hypoid Torque, Efficiency and Speed
Durable Long Life Rugged

Sourcing Multiple Motor Applications for Automatic Door Openers

Slide door operators: One of the most common types of automatic door, slide door operators are found in building entryways and elevators. Depending on the installation, either in an interior or exterior location, slide door operators require motors that meet different standards. Both interior and exterior sliding door operators require motors that are efficient, quiet and durable.

Swing door operators: Often found in hospitals, clinics, retail and commercial facilities, swing door operators automatically open doors at the push of a button. Swing door applications require motors or gear motors that are quiet in operation, efficient and durable.

Overhead door operators: Commonly referred to as garage door openers, commercial-grade overhead door openers are found on loading docks, service bays and delivery areas. Motors and gear motors for these heavy door applications must be capable of operating within specific torque and efficiency parameters.

Revolving door operators: Electric revolving doors improve traffic flow in commercial areas and save energy by reducing drafts. Revolving doors must be powered by gear motors that meet specific efficiency, durability and power output.