How to solve the oil leakage of gear reducer (Gearbox)?

How to solve the lubricating oil leakage of gear reducer (Gearbox)?

If the gear reducer (gearbox) leaks lubricating oil, you can refer to as below:

  1. Source of lubricating oil leakage: 1). Seal of output shaft; 2). Input shaft; 3). Motor shell; 4). lubricating oil outlet
  2. Reason of lubricating oil leakage: 1). lubricating oil seals wear out and rigidification; 2). Sand holes of motor shell; 3). lubricating oil mass and running speed
  3. Solution: 1). Replace lubricating oil seal; 2). Check the shaft around the lubricating oil seal; 3). Replace motor shell; 4). Increase or decrease the amount of lubricating oil
How to solve the lubricating oil leakage of gear reducer (Gearbox)?

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Analyzing the causes of lubricating oil leakage

  1. Long working time of gear reducer: It causes the shaft is worn out, even disables the sealing effect of lubricating oil seal. At the same time, the surface roughness of shaft of gear reducer also causes lubricating oil seal wear out. Because lubricating oil seal is the key factor of shaft seal effect of gear reducer, so that long working time between lubricating oil seal under friction causes temperature rise, and then lubricating oil seal wear and burn out, which the result is failure of lubricating oil seal and shortening the service life of lubricating oil seal.
  2. Vent plug for gear reducer: It is closed or obstructed during using. Usually, each reduction gear motor has a vent plug to discharge pressure. Because if there are no vent plug in the internal of gear motor, the pressure will be increased gradually during working, and then the temperature will be raised inside the gear motor, if the greater the pressure difference with the outside, which causes the lubricating oil leaks from the crack.
  3. Sand holes in the motor shell: The shell is formed by die casting, which does not exclude the small sand hole inside of motor shell, it will cause the lubricating oil leakage under the temperature is raised. If there has, just replace the shell of gear motor.
  4. Too much lubricating oil inside the gear reducer: The lubricating oil is splashed during motor running, if there are too much lubricating oil inside, which will cause lubricating oil leakage.
  5. Improper selection of gear motor will cause excessive load operation and lubricating oil leakage.


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