Motorized Off-Road With Motors and Gear Motors From VEER Motor

Experience True Power for Your Off-Road Vehicles

Off-road vehicles are subject to severe physical and environmental elements during the year. Your design needs durability and robust materials to ensure protection from water damage, dirt, heat and blunt force during operations.
VEER Motor offers only the best motors and gear motors through sourcing services to fit your unique requirements. Increasing your production or developing something new requires the highest quality materials. We help you choose the perfect solution to fit your needs.


Gear Motor Used for Motorized-Off-Road

Gear Motor Used for Motorized-Off-Road

Durability and Quality for All Off-Road Vehicle Applications

The application you are producing will determine the type of electric motor you will need. Many off-road applications will use a gear motor including:

Shifters: Found within various types of off-road vehicles from heavy equipment to ATVs, shifters must work seamlessly for safety and efficiency.
Winches: Winches are attached to many heavy equipment vehicles and ATVs for pulling and transporting heavy objects. These tools require heavy duty gears to reduce fraying and cable wear.
Starters: It is difficult to think of a vehicle that doesn’t have a start. The motors within the starter must run efficiently in order for the vehicle to run at all.
Seating systems: Equipment and vehicles that have adjustable seats use motors to activate the movement simply.
Wipers: Wipers are moved by using motors. Often found of vehicles of different types, wipers are important for safety and vision.


VEER Motor’s motors and gear motors are specifically designed to stand up to the demanding punishment of off-road applications by:

Resisting Abrasive and Corrosive Elements Withstanding Aggressive Shocks Providing High and Consistent Torque Operating in a Wide Range of Temperatures